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Neonex Game’s Ultraviolet is a neo-retro arcade game where players must battle to control the board by collecting gems to manipulate the balance of the game. With simple controls and many tactics, do you have what it takes to win?


University of the West of England Best Games Techology Group project 2010.


More features:

  • Multiplyer: Up to 4 players
  • Graphics: 80s vector punk reboot
  • Gameplay: Classic arcade style with in-depth stratagies - easy to play hard to master!
  • Sound: Seemless tailor made sounds fully intergated with the style
  • Music: Adaptive orginal score that changes to the way the game is played

FREE Ultraviolet Orginal Soundtrack (FLAC/MP3 128)

Release: OUT NOW!

Platform: Xbox Live Indie

Price: 80 points