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About This Project

A Neonex project, developed as part of our Commercial Games Development module where we had to develop a commercial viable product. From the beginning of the 10 month production cycle we had the aim of releasing the game onto Xbox Indie. Ultraviolet attempts to capture 80s arcade games with a modern flair, leading to the input of high quality visuals and audio, physics and game mechanics whilst retaining the fast action of arcade games.

My role was to develop an easily extendible game engine, a basic scripting language for custom model loading, the adaptive sound engine, an adaptable state manager, Xbox 360 development and creation and implementation of models, sounds and music.


More features:

  • Multiplyer: Up to 4 players
  • Graphics: 80s vector punk reboot
  • Gameplay: Classic arcade style with in-depth stratagies - easy to play hard to master!
  • Sound: Seemless tailor made sounds fully intergated with the style
  • Music: Adaptive orginal score that changes to the way the game is played

FREE Ultraviolet Orginal Soundtrack (FLAC/MP3 128)

Release: OUT SOON!

Platform: Xbox Live Indie

Price: 80 points