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About This Project

A Neonex project developed for Global Game Jam 2010 in studios all over the world take part in developing a game in 48 hours. We took part in the Bristol and went on the win people’s choice award for our game.  Sense of Deception was made in Flash CS3 using Actionscript 3.0, its mechanic is based on the visualisation of sound where players must use a microphone to navigate the mazes. The more sound the microphone picks up the larger the area of light the player’s character emits, however zombies are attracted to light so players must strategize.

My role was to develop the microphone as an input device and as a mechanic for the game. I also designed and all the sound and wrote the music for the game, it was important for the audio to reflect the visual style of the game and also its dark ambient nature.

Sense of Deception

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  • Maze based strategy
  • Microphone as a navigational input device
  • Created 2010